Wildlife Drone Force

Wildlife Drone Force is an Izindlovu Fund Project that was launched in February 2021. Our goal is to help the wildlife organisations we support with donating UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology to improve wildlife conservation. We have already donated drones to Herd elephants and Transfrontier Africa. 

These drones are actively used to investigate and assist conservationists in the field for:

  • Wildlife census and counting
  • Inspection of fences, corridors, etc.
  • Anti-poaching assistance
  • Seek and rescue
  • Inspection of vegetation and water supplies 

The drones that we send to our projects in the field have been donated by people who support our project. If you have a drone that you not use anymore, please contact us as we can check out if it is suitable for use out there. 

Our activities include

  • Selecting the right equipment for the job
  • Testing the equipment and training the people in the field
  • Getting data from the field to train and implement Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivering solutions for daily use to improve the safety of humans and wildlife


Depending on the application, different types of UAV can be used. This can be manually piloted quadcopters, FPV drones for quickly navigating through the bush or VTOL BVLOS UAV’s that fly autonomous and cover large areas in one flight.

Using object detection artificial intelligence and machine learning, mapped areas can be analysed much faster and more accurate than by human eye.