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Thank you for considering making a donation to Izindlovu Fund. There are several donation options. Through direct contact with the causes that we support, your funds will go exactly where they are needed.

Every single donation, no matter how big or small, is helpful and will be used for elephant protection, conservation and rehabilitation. We only support organizations with whom we have a personal contact so that we are sure that the money ends up well.

Gifts that are eligible for Tax Deduction – King Baudouin Foundation

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Bitcoin donations

We only accept Bitcoin (BTC) donations as Bitcoin is different from crypto due to its decentralised nature. Our strategy is to hold these donations as long as possible (HODL) because we believe that they will appreciate over time and the fund will benefit from it. Learn more about our perspective on Bitcoin by delving into further details here.

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Liquid Bitcoin
Send Liquid BTC or L-BTC  – Aqua Bitcoin Wallet

Running Fundraisers

For each project we support, we have a specific fundraiser. You can go directly to the project you want to support by clicking on the picture. You  then choose a donation amount on the right and add it to your shopping basket. At the check-out you can pay by Bankcard, Creditcard, Paypal or Bitcoin

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