Support New Projects through our Izindlovu Fund

Support New Projects through our Izindlovu Fund that ensure the protection of our planet’s future.

Our Izindlovu Fund only works with volunteers. This means that all the posts on social media, contacts with local organisations, maintaining the website, answering mails, the organisation of events and much more are done in our free time. No wages are being paid.
As we are an official VZW we are obliged to run a decent accounting. This head cost is outsourced. We cover this head cost with the profits we make from the Izindlovu goods we sell in our webshop. The profits of the HERD items that are sold are going for 100% to the HERD Trust.
Donations we receive from the other fundraisers on our fundraiser page go for 100% to the local projects they are aimed to and are not used to cover our costs. We communicate about this on our social networks. This way, we know that your money is well spent and does not disappear.

With all the extra funds we receive through this fundraiser and the selling of our products in our webshop we are able to contact and support new local organisations. All travel costs needed to visit these new projects are privately sponsored and are not covered with funds from this fundraiser!

In 2020 and 2021, we helped build the elephant orphanage established by HERD. In 2022 and 2023, we supported to the HERD orphanage, the HERD elephants , the Black Mambas and the Bush Babies Education Program.
In the next years we will continue to support these projects and hopefully some new projects too!



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