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Fishan, whose name means “Something smaller,” was born around 1989 and was rescued from Zimbabwe in 2002 along with the original herd. In 2018, he fractured his front left leg by stepping into a deep hole. His rehabilitation journey has been remarkable, requiring immense effort and time from the team, but Fishan’s resilience saw him through. Day by day, he grew stronger and now, despite a slight limp, he roams the bush with his herd and enjoys swimming more than ever.

Fishan is a sensitive soul who easily becomes stressed, though his seemingly carefree nature can be deceiving. He is highly intelligent, has a keen memory, and values his independence, often taking different routes just to be unique. Despite his individuality, Fishan plays a protective role within the herd, assisting the matriarch, Tokwe, in caring for the calves. He is tall but slender, with short tusks.

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Izindlovu is an official partner of the HERD Trust so all donations received are fully transferred to the Trust in support of the Jabulani elephants and the HERD orphanage.

Moreover, as we are in close contact with the HERD team in South Africa, you will receive a personal thank you certificate when donating to one of the elephants.

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