Help Raise Rhino Orphans Bula and Peter

Help raise rhino orphans Bula & Peter as every donation counts, no matter how big or small.

10 € = 1 milk bottle
25€ = 2 milk bottles with vitamins
50€ = 2 milk bottle feeds
100€ = plenty of milk bottles & vitamins
250€ = lots of milk bottles & a medical check-up so she gets all she needs to grow up!


Rhino calves, just like elephant calves, are extremely fragile and getting them onto milk bottles to see them through the initial stages of their young lives is complex. Help us raise funds for milk bottles and to provide in their care until they be released back into the wild.

Every orphan deserves a second chance at life, and as emotional beings they also deserve a new family to accompany them throughout their life’s journey.

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