Elephant Awareness Education Collaboration Program Donation 25 €

With the Elephant Awareness Education Collaboration Program Donation 25 €, you support students from the BushBabies’ school program to visit the HERD stables and get educated on elephant conservation by the elephant carers.

This educational initiative is a collaboration between our fund, the Herd Trust and the Bush Babies School program. The students dive into herd’s story, explore the details of elephant anatomy, get elephant education from the elephant carers, observe the animals, touch their trunks and participating in a morning feeding session so they have the chance to get a little bit closer to African Elephants which is mostly a once in a lifetime experience although they are living next to these beautiful animals.

After meeting, the three bulls head back into the wilderness to meet up with their herd for a day of roaming, leaving the students with memories for a lifetime and a deeper understanding of the elephant species.


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