Black Mambas Donation 50 €

With this Black Mambas Donation 50 €, you protect elephants and wildlife in Africa. Wildlife rangers are vital in anti-poaching protection for animals to survive in the future.

Moreover, women are primary caregivers and bring a different value system into the conservation arena. which can assure a multi-generational impact:
– So by supporting, you do not only pay a salary or training but you also support a whole family standing behind that woman that receives a salary and training.
– Lots of families are single parent families where at least 2 generations of women are raising the children. Its for women to pass life values and knowledge about the world to the next generation.
– If women are equipped with this knowledge and strong skills, then we will raise a totally different generation of people. It has to start in early age.

The donations we receive through this Izindlovu fundraiser go for 100% to Transfrontier Africa NPC who is responsible for all daily operational expenses associated with the Black Mamba APU and costs such as salaries, training, uniforms, equipment, food, vehicles and fuel.


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