Integration of a Baby Elephant into a Wild Herd

The integration of a baby elephant in a new herd is essential to their mental wellbeing and health. However wild herds have been known to reject orphaned elephants, especially when there has been human intervention in caring for the orphans. The story of the Jabulani Herd Adine Roode, MD and owner of Jabulani Safari, grew […]

The story of Khanyisa, the Baby Albino Elephant

The story of Khanyisa – “On Monday, January 6th , a female albino elephant calf, estimated to be four months old was found trapped in a horrific snare. Her wounds indicated she had been trying desperately to free herself for a few days, as they were deep and maggots had started eating into the open […]

Baby Albino Elephant rescued

Baby albino elephant rescued – Monday morning January 6th 2020, a baby albino elephant calf was found, trapped in a man-made snare. The team of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary took care of her nasty wounds and contacted Adine Roode from the elephant orphanage HERD, the organisation we support. She arranged the necessary permits and […]